[Snack Attack - Korea] GS25 Banana Latte

Have you tried the Banana Latte beverage from GS25?

I was given this for free as "service" at my neighborhood GS25.

I kind of didn't really want it and I told the worker that, but he insisted, so...here it is. I decided to try it because I didn't want to judge the drink by its cartoon.

So, I'm sure you know how banana milk is a famous thing in Korea and I'm sure you know my love for Snoopy Coffee Milk from GS25.

I do like my banana milk from time to time, but it's usually wayyyy too sweet for me.

So, I was quite hesitant to try this milk...

Banana lattes kind of got to be a food trend in Korea in the spring, so I think GS25 was trying to cash in. I never tried the true banana latte, but I have tried the "real banana milk" at Geurida kkum 그리다꿈. So, when I first read about this banana latte craze, I kind of assumed it was banana milk, but after reading about it a little more, I realized that the banana lattes actually come with espresso in them.

Anyway, this is basically a combination of coffee milk and banana milk.

It's kind of a gross color...kind of brown like the coffee milk, but a weird shade.

If you're sensitive to caffeine and can't do the Snoopy Coffee Milk, you may want to try only a bit at a time. There is caffeine in this one, but not to the extent that there is in the Snoopy line, probably similar to the amount in the Caffe Bene milks.

The artificial banana flavor is there...and the sweetness is there.
It was just ... weird. Like...I couldn't really finish it, not because it was extremely gross, but because I didn't find it to be worth the calories for me...why consume something I don't totally enjoy when I could just drink...water?

So, overall...it was not worth a purchase on my part.

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