[NYC - KTown] Pelicana - White Snowing Cheese and Spicy Pelicana Signature Sauce - Best Korean Fried Chicken in NYC Ktown Review

This is the first in a series of Pelicana posts, which obviously, is my FAVORITE place to get fried chicken in Ktown in New York City.

It's kind of annoying for one reason, though. It's located in Food Gallery on the top floor, so it's always a war to try to get seats.

But, the fight for seats is definitely worth it, but factor that into your plans.

We always get one boneless chicken, in half and half flavors. This day we got the White Snowing Cheese and the Spicy Pelicana Signature Sauce.

I always get the White Snowing Cheese because it's the closest to my absolute favorite flavor of Korean fried chicken (BHC's Sprinkle Chicken (see my post here).

For the uninitiated, it's powdered cheese and is served with a sweet sauce. It sounds weird, I know, but its so delicious.

So, the reason my friends and I love Pelicana so much is because they actually prepare the chicken to order, so it comes out SUPER DUPER crispy and hot. Some of the other places I've checked out and never introduced to you, seem to just sauce the fried chicken pieces to order, so the breading is usually kind of soggy, which is not ideal for me.

I know that so many people feel so strongly about bone-in vs. boneless chicken. I'm in the boneless camp and I know that it means I sometimes get some questionable pieces of the chicken, but that's okay by me...whatever can get me my fried chicken faster without much hassle is fine by me.

So, going back to everything being made to order. It usually takes a bit of time to get your order depending on how busy Pelicana is. So, I think we usually wait about 10 minutes or so(?). They do give you a buzzer, so you should take that time to look around and scout out some seats.

Since it is fried to order, even the pieces with wet sauces on them, like this spicy Pelicana signature sauce (right) are still crispy and satisfying to bite into.

The sauce is also not overly done and quite flavorful. In case you're worried, this "spicy" flavor wasn't spicy to us at all. I would definitely classify it more on the mild side of medium.

I also want to bring your attention to the plastic finger guards in the left side of the picture. There's three finger tip "masks" that are quite commonplace in Korea, but maybe not so much here. I think this is the only place I've seen them in New York.

You put one on your thumb, one on your middle finger, and one on your pointer finger. This will allow you to eat the chicken cleanly with one hand without getting your hands dirty. It's great!

This is the menu - we usually get the full size boneless chicken, crispy. And then choose to do half-half (ban-ban) sauce. We haven't tried all of the flavors yet, but you already know my favorite.

In writing this, I only just now realize there are rose ades and also ice cream ades. (And soju ice cream cocktails...hmmmm). I apparently just get so excited about the CHICKEN! that I don't notice the BEER & SOJU!

The lunch special makes me sad. I wish I worked close enough to either 1) go for lunch, or 2) order lunch. But, alas, it's a no-go for me :(

You should definitely go and let me know what you think!

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