[Seoul - Hongdae] Hongdae Dakgalbi (Shin Mi Kyung Dak Galbi) - Cheese fondue dak galbi

Hongdae Dakgalbi (Shin My Kyeong Hongdae Dakgalbi) is THE place to get cheese dakgalbi.

It has been a while since I posted about dakgalbi (spicy grilled chicken). This particular spot in Hongdae is known for its cheese dak galbi. On Tripadvisor, it's listed as "Hongdae Dakgalbi," but the official name is Shin Mi Kyeong Hongdae Dakgalbi (website).

The unique thing about this place is that they actually start your meal off with some vegetable Korean pancakes as "service." The ajumma will make them for you.
We ordered the cheese fondue variety (13,000 KRW per person) and got the spicy level. There are 3 different levels of spice - not spicy, medium, spicy, and super super spicy. If you don't want the cheese fondue dakgalbi, you can opt to just get the vegetable dak galbi (10,000 KRW). However, if you go that route, I would probably recommend going to a different restaurant since the price is a bit higher here than at the other places down the road.

They use two different types of cheese, which is great because with the whole cheese fad in Korea, it's usually just the white "pizza" cheese, which is kind of just...watery milk flavored.

The portions are actually quite generous (210 g per person for the cheese fondue) and everything is well cooked.

You can add items like dduk (rice cakes), udon or ramen to your dakgalbi, sweet potatoes, or cheese-filled dduk, for an additional fee. If you want even more cheese, you can also do a cheese topping.

If you have room at the end, you can also add some fried rice. The ajumma will come back with some rice and then take the leftover meats and veggies and put them in another bowl and then make fried rice with the leftover sauce and flavor remnants in the pan.

The menu is in English, but some parts are not translated.
Like the spice levels:
아주매운맛 - Very spicy (ajoo mae oon mat)
매운맛 - Spicy (mae oon mat)
중간맛 - Medium spicy (joong gan mat)
순한맛 - Not spicy (soon han mat)

The "rice for roast" is the fried rice I was mentioning earlier. 

I have no idea what all the additional information says in Chinese, but if someone is gracious enough to translate it for me, that would be great!

From Hongdae Station exit 9, walk straight to the big intersection. When you get to the Tony Moly, turn right down the narrow part of the road (not the main passageway). Walk to the second small street. It'll be on your right, just past the Trick Eye Museum.

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