[NYC - KTown] Pelicana Korean Fried Chicken - White Snowing Cheese and Honey Garlic Chicken Review

Day 3 of Pelicana reviews for the NYC Manhattan KTown location in the Food Gallery.

We tried yet another flavor this day!

Yet again, we got the boneless chicken and half and half flavor. Again, as usual, we got the white snowing cheese, but this time we got honey garlic chicken as the second flavor.

The honey garlic flavor is actually my second favorite so far. It's sweet, but not too sweet, yet garlicky and I love garlic. I was a little worried by the "honey" in the flavor name because often that just means you can only taste the honey and sugar, so it can kind of be sticky (like toffee) and burnt tasting or else just taste like you squirted the honey bear into your mouth.

Luckily the flavor of the honey garlic sauce at Pelicana melded both flavors perfectly, which made it almost craveable.

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