[Seoul - Gwanghwamun] Kim Seonsaeng Revisit - All my Favorites

When in Korea, I have to check out my favorite premium kimbap places and get my favorites. One of my more nostalgic premium kimbap chains is Kim Seonsaeng.

I just got my favorite items this time. Basically, I just have to get the cream cheese kimbap, but we don't want to look too desperate, so we also ordered some of the galbi steamed mandu and the jeyuk kimbap.

I didn't take a menu picture on this visit, but check out one of my previous posts for the menu and translation. Some menu items have probably changed since that visit, but I always try to go for my favorites each time and they have not yet disappeared from the menu since they're customer favorites.

The galbi mandu at Kim Seonsaeng is quite nice. The meat is so marinated and sweet, but yet savory with the sesame oil they use.

If you haven't tried the jeyuk kimbap yet, you may want to check it out. Kim Seonsaeng's jeyuk kimbap has a great balance between the meat and the vegetables. Since it is a premium chain, there is a rather generous amount of meat in the roll, which is not usually the case in kimbap.

What's your favorite kimbap flavor?

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