[K-Beauty] Labiotte Capsule Cleansing Water

One of Labiotte's most popular products is this Capsule Cleansing Water, so I had to test it out for you again now that I have tried so many other cleansing waters/micellar waters.

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I tried this first a few years ago when my mom and I had our huge Labiotte haul in Korea (read it here).

So, first off, the packaging is so cute! The tube it comes in is actually quite cute and can be quite functional and help you with packing.
The cleansing water itself is a "capsule," so it looks kind of like a pill, which is so cute!

The pink part is the lid, so it keeps everything contained and keeps stuff from getting into the bottle, too.

I'm not entirely sure what "French Celtic water" is, but apparently it's one of the patented moisture core ingredients.

I have used two bottles of this cleansing water and it works pretty well.

I don't ever feel like there's a slight oil leftover on my face like I do for some of the other micellar waters.

It is slightly more expensive than some of the others I've used, but it's less expensive than my old go-to micellar water, the pink bottle Bioderma (click here to see the options).

What I liked the most about the Labiotte Capsule Cleansing Water is the top dispensing part. I love that it is not a squirt top, but is rather a pump. So, you don't have to worry about product going back into the bottle.

If you have difficulty getting product out, make sure you kind of twist the top a little. There's a "lock" mechanism to make sure the product doesn't accidentally squirt out.
<-- Click to enlarge the photo to see what "good elements" are in the Labiotte Capsule Cleansing Water and to see which "bad elements" commonly found in other products are absent in Labiotte's product.

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