[K-Beauty] Labiotte Haul (All this for 61,000KRW! Including 2 wine liptints, 2 full size creams, 2 cleansing products, and much more)

Labiotte has been getting a lot of press recently because of its really adorable wine bottle-shaped lip tints and lipsticks. So, I knew I just had to go in to take a look around (sorry, mom).

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We went to the store in Myeongdong. I have seen this store elsewhere, but I just can't put my finger on where exactly I've seen it. Maybe at Coex? (If you know, please leave a comment below.) It's not one of the big brands that is on every street corner, so if you see a physical store, you should probably go in.

When you go in, you first are greeted with this display of the wine bottle products, which are their main staple products.
I didn't know this, but they have wine mascara, too. This would maybe be a good gag gift to buy someone who really loves their wine, like who doesn't love their wine, that is actually useful.

Honestly, before going in, I kind of thought this is all they sold.

On one side of the store, they have their natural cleansers and products like that.
On the opposite side of the store, they had their skin care regimen lines - like ones for ageing, whitening, etc.

I also learned that their products are also "all-natural."
Compared with some of the other brands out there, price-wise, they are a little on the higher end. However, I think they are trying to hit a specific demographic, but since they are kind of new, they haven't quite figured everything out yet.

The packaging is kind of nicer and simpler than a lot of the other brands. So, it makes a good gift for someone who is a little more mature, let's say, and won't really fully appreciate the Gudetama packaging or Pokemon packaging.

One thing that I like, albeit a little gimmicky, is that the packaging of the cleansers and the skincare products list the "Good Elements" and the "Bad Elements." The "good elements" are the natural ingredients the product ADDS to your skin. The "bad elements" are the bad, icky stuff the product does not have in it that would MINUS from the best your skin can be. Just to kind of translate the Konglish a bit for you. These BAD ELEMENTS are the ones that you'd find in your typical, non-natural brand.

I tried to take pictures of the store, because I'm testing out these beauty posts on the blog, but I always feel awkward photographing (less awkward now that I have a new phone that was bought in America, so the camera sounds doesn't constantly go off).

These are the sets of products! Unlike other stores, they actually do give you a discount for buying a set (the 30% off that's advertised would be in addition to the already discounted set price). Some of the other stores really trick you into buying a huge "SET" because you think you're getting a deal, but all you're really getting is...a bag full of all the products in the line, even ones you're not that sold on, without a discount.

I don't think you can get the particular deal we scored (it was a "lucky box" available because of new year's sales).
We got all of this for 61,000 KRW. The box was 45,000 and we added an additional wine lip tint for 16,000.

I had been eyeing the cleansing water - I have been trying to find an alternative to my Bioderma because it's so expensive here. According to the saleslady, the cleansing water is their #1 selling product, other than the wine lip products.

We also got a wine lip tint and a wine lipstick (more on those later - the lipstick was the add-on product to our haul). The lucky box typically includes a different color lip tint, but the saleslady was nice enough to swap it out for the color we had decided on within minutes of walking into the store, which was so nice of her.
(As an aside, I was kind of paranoid because she was being so accommodating, so I checked everything...they are all new products and haven't expired yet and the packaging all magtches the ones that are in the store being sold at full price, so she was just A NICE PERSON!)

All in all:

My mom was in the market for a new night cream, which is what spurred this haul, actually. The full-size night cream is 35,000 KRW. At that time, it was 1+1 and my mom didn't want two large night creams she wasn't sure about the efficacy and quality of. So, for an additional 6,000 KRW (which ended up saving us money in the long run because we were going to buy 2 lip products, so 16,000 x 2 + 35,000 for the night cream), we got all these products and I have more things to review and share with you all.

Anyway, back on track, she was really strongly considering buying the Truffle Revival Cream instead of the night cream, so the saleslady was so nice and gave us 6 samples of that particular cream. (See, that's why I was so paranoid).

She also gave us 2 neck patches!

It's kind of lucky for you, too, because the sizes are so big and the products are mid-range price point, you don't have to invest in something yourself!

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