[Philadelphia - Chinatown] Penang Restaurant

Penang Restaurant serves up Malaysian food right on the main street of Chinatown in Philadelphia.

After having such a great experience with Malaysian food in London at Roti King (read about my visit) and because I was hungry and nearby, I knew I had to stop by Penang Restaurant to see what Philadelphia had to offer.

Started off with Roti Canai. The Roti Canai came with some chicken and potato curry to pair with it. The curry at this restaurant was slightly thinner than the kind I had in London and it was chicken instead of lamb. I somewhat prefer the lamb flavor, but I guess that's a personal preference in terms of type of meat, but I did like the roti more at Penang Restaurant.

This is the Penang Chicken and Beef Satay. These were so delicious. I definitely recommend trying them. They were marinated and so flavorful with a nice chargrilled flavor. This would probably be a great meal, too. I remember getting Chicken Satay as a kid's meal when I was little and it was delicious.

This is the Beef Rendang. This was fine. It wasn't my favorite Beef Rendang I've ever had, but it was fine. I just wish there was slightly more meat in the meat to rice ratio or that they maybe had a little more vegetables as a side. The beef itself was quite tender, so that was great. I just thought the flavor was a little one dimensional, which was a big of a bummer for me.

We also ordered the Chow Kueh Teow. I was so excited for this because I loved it so much in London and because this type of dish is my favorite in basically every culture's food. Sadly, this was just blah. It was fine, but it wasn't very flavorful and kind of just tasted like cooked soy sauce.

The menu is very extensive and the restaurant was packed. I look forward to going back to try some of the other menu items on my next visit.

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