[London] Roti King - CHEAP EATS! Malaysian and Singapore Street Food

Since we had some rather bland and less than stellar food on this trip, I was searching around for some great flavorful "ethnic" food and I luckily found Roti King!

It's CASH ONLY, so make sure you do math and prepare ahead of time.

The queue for Roti King is no joke! We went mid-afternoon and the line was insane. We waited around an hour, but didn't make much progress and needed to make our reservation at the V&A for the Dior Exhibition. After we finished at V&A we made our way back to Roti King and queued again for about 1-2 hours before finally making it inside!

We were starving by this point, so we ordered a ton of food. This is the Roti Canai Special with lamb. This was a great starter and there are plenty of options for your roti. Make sure you choose one to try.

It was 6.50GBP for this and the amount of food we were given was pretty generous for London given the price.
This is the Kari Laksa. It's a coconut milk-based spicy curry soup with chicken pieces, fish balls, and noodles. This was SO GOOD. I love a good curry laksa, though. It was 7.50GBP.

The Char Kuey Teow was my favorite food of the night. It's stir-fried ripped egg noodle pieces, bean sprouts, prawns, and other veggies in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce. My favorite part is that the noodles got a little caramelized due to the sauce. It cost 7GBP.
Since we couldn't decide between rice and noodles (even though I always choose noodles and the other two mains we ordered were noodle-based), we also ordered a Nasi Goreng. This is a pretty solid choice, but it wasn't my favorite order of the night. It tasted nice, but I think it was the rice part that wasn't my favorite part. I kind of wish we would have just gone for a third noodle main.

They were quite generous with the prawns and it was seasoned well and quite flavorful. It was 7GBP.

These are the hours. Also, as a reminder, it's CASH ONLY!

Our whole meal was 28GBP and this was enough for the two of us to be comfortably full.

When in doubt, always go for the curry laksa.

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