[Jeju] Jeju Island Soju

Did you know that Jeju Island has its own soju?
I recommend getting some as a souvenir for yourself or for your soju enthusiast friends.

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A couple of years ago the blue bottle Hallasan Soju started being sold in mainland Korea, but it was quite hard to find in convenience stores in Seoul, but was readily available in various soju pubs and restaurants around the country.

I think maybe this particular convenience store may have up-priced the soju (not sure if that is legal in Korea, but I thought it's usually 1500 KRW). We were in a super tourist-y sector and it was heavily populated with Chinese tourists, so I have a strong suspicion, the price was slightly inflated.

What makes it different? Jeju soju is made using the spring water from Hallasan (Halla Mountain).

We tried both of these types...the green bottle is the Hallasan Ollae soju. There is a third main variety of Jeju soju, I will look for pictures on my old phone later...we had it at a company workshop dinner.

I still prefer the blue bottle soju, actually if I see it in the fridges in restaurants in Seoul and my friends want soju, I request it instead of the usual brands.

It's so much smoother than the other brands of soju. (My go-to is still the grapefruit 자몽이슬 mixed with the Chamisul Fresh (참이슬후레쉬), you're welcome in advance.) I like being able to taste something when I am drinking something other than water...and the flavored sojus are usually too sweet or artificial for me. I really recommend the grapefruit one, but only if it is 자몽이슬.

I introduced it to one of my friends in Seoul after I had tried it on a business trip to Jeju. She usually hates soju, but she even commented on how smooth and drinkable the Hallasan blue bottle soju was and commented about how she didn't feel the need to mix it with another flavor to make it palatable.

So, if you have a friend or family who collects alcohol or would like to try a variety of soju that isn't usually available outside Korea, I definitely recommend grabbing a couple of bottles of the blue one.

You should check with your particular airline, but it has been my experience, even with really budget airlines, you can check baggage for free from Jeju to mainland Korea, so you don't have to worry about the liquid rule, but also, you don't really have to worry about the liquid rule in general for domestic flights...they're so lax. As in, I have seen someone carrying and drinking an open 2L bottle of Jeju orange juice through customs...as they speak to the officials.

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