[St. Cloud, MN] Backwards Bread Co. - Huge Croissants, Sourdough, and More

We are a little tardy to the party, but we finally got around to trying out Backwards Bread Co. this pandemic. And, as a further confession, this post has been in draft mode since April.

We decided to go all in with our curbside pickup order. We got 4 croissants, 1 loaf of the Wild Rice Thyme Artisan Bread, and 1 loaf of the Roasted Garlic Sourdough.

Each component of our order was individually bagged and the curbside pickup process was quite quick and seamless (they are also open for walk-in).

If you're in the St. Cloud area and the croissant craving hits (it's definitely real), you absolutely must try the croissants at Backwards Bread. They are massive, but still extremely light and fluffy on the inside and perfectly flaky on the outside. We've since been back multiple times just for the croissants.

Backward Bread Company's croissants are light, flaky and delicious. Buy them first thing in the morning and eat them then! The next day they are still delicious, but not as light.

The croissants are huge, the photo above is in reference to a saucer. These are definitely croissants to have as a meal and are perfect as a sandwich croissant. Definitely go for it if you want to have an at-home restaurant-style croissant sandwich.

Sorry, I took photos of the loaves of bread, but I cannot find them. I promise to update if I ever find them on my hard drive.
Both loaves that we bought were crispy and crunchy on the outside and light on the inside.

The Garlic Sourdough had a nicely faint sharpness, as sourdough should, and the garlic was in just the right zone of tasty and not overwhelming. I will definitely buy it again. It also made great garlic bread and was perfect as a piece of crispy bread to have with a bowl of soup.

My mom said that the wild rice bread was good but she wants to explore more flavors, particularly the savory options, so this one will not be on my next Backward Bread shopping list.

For me, however, I think this is a good sandwich bread. It had a rather strong herbal flavor, so if that may turn you off, you might want to try one of their other bread flavors (there are plenty to choose from).

The breads available change daily, so make sure to check out the schedule here: https://www.backwardsbreadco.us/retail-store

Hours: Note that Backwards Bread is only open Tuesday through Saturday.

Also, note that on Wednesday, they have a freezer bread sale, so that is great if you want to take some home.

My bread craving always hits on Monday, maybe it's the Monday blues, but I am trying to reschedule my craving to make sure that it comes on Tuesday...will let you know if I succeed. But, the freezer bread Wednesday may be a good option for me before that retraining happens.

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