[Robbinsdale, MN] Marna's Eatery - Costa Rican Inspired Food

Recently visited Marna's Eatery for the first time for some outdoor dining. Since our visit, the indoor dining has opened with some restrictions and, as always, takeout is still available.

Marna's food is Costa Rican-inspired and pretty unique for the area, in my opinion.

We started off with Caipi Escuro and Los Chiles. Each of these cocktails were delicious in their own rights. The spicy margarita was the winner for us, but the Caipi Escuo was super refreshing and we would definitely recommend it if you want a nice, cool beverage with a fresh flavor.

For the table, we got the Chifrijo. This is a combination of so much deliciousness - rice and beans topped with chicharrones, pico de gallo, and guacamole. We loved this and would probably come back just for this. The chips were also delicious...if I could order a huge bag of those to-go, I definitely would. The chicharrones packed a lot of flavor with each bite. Make sure you get a little of everything on your chip.

This is the Arepa. It is gluten free and we got the chicken as the protein (beef, chicken, carnitas, and veggies are available). The Arepa comes with a side of yuca fries, which were delicious and fried to perfection. This is a pretty hefty sandwich, so expect to come away with a take-home box unless you share.

This is the Arroz Con Pollo. It's served with a side of black beans and a side of homemade potato chips. This was the best use of black beans I've tasted (not usually a fan). It's the ultimate comfort food. I ate it in little bites, so that I could savor each bite. I was tempted to eat big bites, but resisted. Each little bite held so much flavor and so many different flavors that I wanted to taste them all.

This is the Arroz con Camarones. It is served with a side of pineapple mango slaw and a side of maduros. I liked how the savory and somewhat salty rice was complimented with the fresh pineapple mango slaw and the sweet fried plantains. The rice was super creamy and flavorful. I don't know how they did it. This was also a huge portion, trust me. We took home about half of the portion and we were more than full. This also tasted great leftover, but definitely recommend removing the shrimp if you are going to microwave the leftovers.

One thing we were surprised by was that, even during this time, the entrees all came with different sites that complimented each dish so well. You could tell that a lot of thought was put into the flavors.

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