[St. Cloud, MN] Sawatdee - Takeout Thai Food

Sawatdee is one of the only Thai restaurants in Central Minnesota. We tried it for curbside takeout during the COVID-19 period. They also offer delivery, but call to confirm if you live within the delivery area.

In order to place your order, you need to call them at 320-240-1454. Be patient or else maybe call at an odd hour to place an order for pickup later. We called at around 3PM for a dinner pickup order and were able to get through almost right away.

The takeout order packaging was plastic, but was lined with aluminum foil. This was good because the foil kept the heat in for the ride home.

This is the Som Tom (Thai Papaya Salad). You can choose the spice level 1-5. We went with a spice level of 3. The person who answered the phone warned us that this was going to be pretty spicy for most people in the area, but we went ahead anyway. This was a very nice level of spice and tons of complex flavors.

This is the Pad Thai with chicken. The pad Thai was pretty good. It's a good safe option. The portion was huge. Everything was very fresh and flavorful. The chicken was still quite tender and full of flavor. There's nothing much to say. It is a safe dish to order. We wish we could have ordered something snazzier, but there are picky eaters amongst us. You can also order it in a 1-5 spice level, we got a 3.

This is the Tropical Fried Rice with Mock Duck. This was just okay. It was not a favorite and we would probably not order it again, but we did eat it all. The flavor was kind of like American Chinese takeout fried rice, so it wasn't that inspiring to us. However, we could see families with a picky eater finding this to be another safe dish. You can order it in a 1-5 spice level and we got this also in a 3. It wasn't spicy to us and, unlike the other two dishes, there weren't many complex flavors. We could definitely taste the egg.

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