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[St. Cloud, MN] White Horse Restaurant and Bar - Takeout

These are the Thai Fried Brussels Sprouts. We have always wanted to try them, so we upgraded one of the sides to be the Thai Fried Brussels Sprouts. The spicy Thai pepper sauce was on the side, which was good. It was pretty spicy, so we were able to add just the right amount of sauce for our tastes. Without the sauce added, the Brussels sprouts were without spice, so if you love Brussels sprouts and are not fully into the spice, you should definitely ask for the sauce on the side.

I ordered the Bacon Cheddar burger (not pictured). Under the lightly toasted bun I found a huge patty of ground chuck, short rib and brisket. A couple of thick slices of bacon and cheese topped it off. The burger was a full meal by itself but I also enjoyed the lightly seasoned waffle fries.

This is the PBJ and Bacon Burger. The peanut butter was smooth and complimented the beef. I liked that I could take the bacon out and eat it separately. The cream cheese and the habanero jam allowed me to enjoy the flavor of the habanero without heat of the habanero.

This is the Thai Burger. We highly recommend this burger. It is a handmade patty, filled with Thai herbs and spices. The burger is topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and green onions. Since it was takeaway, the Sriracha aioli came on the side. This was a delicious burger. The flavor definitely built with each bite. It wasn't super sweaty spice level, but it was a nice pleasant spice level. The fresh vegetables on top complimented the spice with some freshness.

Currently, still available for takeout (alley side). To order, call 320-257-7775. The menu is available here. There is currently no patio dining.

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