[St. Cloud, MN] Mexican Village - Taco Party Pack Takeout on Taco Tuesday

The Mexican Village has always offered the Taco Party Pack Takeout, but during COVID times, they offered it for pre-order. This is a really good value and was definitely plenty to feed the whole family.

For $45 + tax, you receive ground beef, shredded chicken, 12 tortillas, 12 hard shell taco shells, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa, melted queso, a huge bag of tortilla chips, and churros. Although the menu says that it is one pound each of ground beef and shredded chicken, we estimate we got far more than that, maybe 2-3 pounds each. We added on an order of margarita mix. It came with the margarita mix, a lime, and salt. You have to provide your own tequila.

We also got an extra churro and a couple extra hard taco shells. This was easily 4 meals for us.

This was extremely easy to order and pick up and we could see this being a good order to schedule if you were having a get together (under normal circumstances) or if you just wanted to not have to think about cooking for 4 meals.

Mexican Village has also started to have outdoor dining (and maybe in-person dining) and has also expanded its takeout menu offerings. Call ahead to order for takeout.

Mexican Village's take taco pack worked great. The package includes everything you need for a meal or two or four depending on how many people you need to feed. I liked the spicy chicken the best. 

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