[St. Cloud, MN] Krewe - New Cajun/Creole Restaurant in St. Joseph

Krewe just opened in St. Joseph. It is operated by the same team behind Flour & Flower bakery (check back for tomorrow's post about the bakery). It is a farm-to-table restaurant and its menu changes with the seasons.

At the moment, Krewe is only open for pickup, but scroll down to the end of the post to see a preview of the interior of the restaurant which will be open for in-person dining soon.

These are the hush puppies. They were perfectly crisp on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. They were quite fluffy and full of flavor. There was dipping sauce provided, but the sauce was not needed for this tasty treat. There are 4 per order.

This is the side of Fried Brussels sprouts with chili vinegar. These were absolutely bursting with flavor. These were so delicious that we wish we could have them with every meal. Whereas the fried Brussels sprouts from White Horse that we introduced on Wednesday were shredded, the Brussels sprouts at Krewe were halved, so they still had a nice toothsome texture. The chili vinegar was delicious. It was the perfect balance of savory, spicy, and slight acidity.

We ordered the Seafood Gumbo. The gumbo featured a great and plentiful variety of meat and proteins in a light broth. It tasted great as a takeout meal, but when we visit the restaurant for in-person dining, we look forward to tasting it as it should be served. It traveled well, but we are sure if we ate it right away as it was served, it would make it much better. The rice was cooked perfectly. It was the perfect texture. There was a lot of different textures and flavors that came together in each bite.

The Shrimp Jambalaya was by far our favorite because of the rich spicy sauce. This dish is best eaten with a big spoon to catch all the seafood in one bite. Again, like with the gumbo, we are looking forward to eating this in-person the way it should be served. Note that this is spicy. One member of our party was a huge fan of the flavor, but couldn't tolerate the spice. Each bite was jam packed with flavor and the proteins were all perfectly cooked. The ingredients were high quality and prepared with care. Definitely recommend.

We were very tempted by the red beans and rice, but we decided to just try the two main dishes.

The menu will change seasonally. This was what was available this past weekend. Check their Facebook page for the current menu. 

To place your order, call them at 320-557-0083.

Just a sneak preview of the dining room.

These were the beers and wines available when we visited. You can order beer and wine to go due to the COVID restrictions.

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