[St. Cloud, MN] Flour and Flower Bakery - Brand New Local Bakery in St. Joseph, MN

Flour and Flower is a brand new bakery that just opened up in St. Joseph, Minnesota. We visited on the opening weekend.

It is open Wednesday through Sunday from 7AM until 1PM. Check their Facebook page for the current offerings. The bread on offer changes monthly.

Come back tomorrow for the review of Krewe, which is the restaurant owned by the same team.

We got these breads on our first visit - 2 Hope Butter croissants, 1 Baguette, and 1 White Sourdough Loaf.

The Hope Butter croissant was pretty good. It was more of a croissant that you have with your coffee in the morning. It was very light and airy with a nice flaky crust on top. This is a perfect treat for your weekend morning coffee.

The baguette was nice and fresh. It wasn't quite as airy as we had expected it to be, but the flavor was definitely good and it made for a nice bruschetta.

The White Sourdough was pretty nice. It was very fresh. The large loaf of sourdough bread made great toast for sandwiches. Inside the crispy crust was a soft bread with a nice mellow flavor.

Here are some of the feature/spotlight items. 

Here is an updated menu. It looks like some of the prices have changed since the opening weekend. This photo was taken when we picked up our order at Krewe.

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