[St. Cloud, MN] Boulder Tap House - Takeout

Boulder Tap House in St. Cloud has a huge patio, which is now open for outdoor dining. If you're still not totally comfortable dining in-person, we thought we'd share about our experience with the takeout procedures.

It was relatively simple to order. We just called their number and gave the person our order. They also are on various delivery platforms, but we wanted to make sure that they got the most money from our order and didn't have to pay the fees.

One of us typically orders a stuffed burger, but we were unsure how it was going to travel, so we went for some sandwiches instead.

This is the Chicken Avocado Sandwich. Everything was very fresh. This is a chicken breast topped with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and lime mayonnaise served in naan bread. Honestly, I forgot how much I loved naan bread sandwiches and have now added naan to my shopping list. The side was upgraded to the tap house potatoes with the burger co. sauce on the side.

This is a Build Your Own Burger with 1/2 pound burger, applewood bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato. The side is the normal fries. The burger was still quite juicy and hot when we got it home. I was happy with the cook of the burger. The fries were good and crispy, but typical. I will probably get the Tap House Potatoes next time.

This is the Cuban Sandwich with sweet potato fries. It features naan bread filled with ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, cabbage, pickles, and dijonnaise. 

One of the biggest reasons to go to Boulder Tap House is the Tap House Potatoes. These are twisty/spiralized homemade potato chips. You can choose your favoring and your sauce. We went with Cajun seasoning and the Burger Co. Sauce on the side. They asked if we wanted to get the sauce on the side, but if they don't ask you, make sure you ask for sauce on the side, otherwise everything will get soggy.

Boulder Tap House's food for takeout is thoughtfully prepared and travels well. It arrived home hot and tasty just as if we were eating in the restaurant. We especially appreciated that they put the tamper proof seal on the containers. They probably do that because of Seamless or the other delivery drivers, but we appreciated it during the pandemic because it's a small thing that imparts a bit of confidence.

Even post-pandemic, this may be a good restaurant to order takeout or delivery from since it's so organized.

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