[St. Cloud, MN] Jules' Bistro - Hometown Favorite

Jules' Bistro is currently closed due to the pandemic. They had made the decision very early on, prior to Governor Walz's announcement.

This is a post we've had saved and were planning on scheduling for when the restaurants open again, but figure we can put the info out there for you so you can add Jules' to your list of businesses to visit as soon as it is safe to do so.

The grilled Italian deli panini features salami, pepperoni, mozzarella and pesto sauce on sourdough bread. Those are three of my favorite sandwich ingredients. All the food at Jules' is tasty and comes freshly made from the kitchen rather than a food assembly line. The cheese is nice and melted and the flavors are wonderful together.

The Apple Ham Panini is my favorite sandwich at Jules'. I've been meeting a friend there for lunch for about three years now and often have this sandwich, sometimes asking them not to toast it. The apples and ham make a wonderful sweet/salty combination and the melted cheese complements both flavors. In just the right bite, you can also taste the cranberries in the bread, and that just adds a bit of tang to the sweet and salty. I love it. I had a piece of the Black and Bleu Flatbread Pizza, too, and loved the combination of the blue cheese with the brisket.

This is the Black and Bleu Flatbread Pizza. This was a lot larger than I had expected it to be and I could only eat two slices before I had to ask for a to-go box. By "flatbread," it's really more of a wafer cracker crust. It's very thin and crispy. The flavors were intense, but fit together magically. The ingredients were all fresh and of high quality. In case you were wondering, it was very nice as a round two meal the next day.

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These are the food menus:

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These are the cafe menus.

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