[NYC - Washington Heights] Malecon Restaurant - Mofongo, Rotisserie Chicken, Rice with Seafood

On Wednesday, I wrote about my typical order at Malecon - rotisserie chicken with a side of plantains and rice. Today's post is about a visit when my friends and I ordered a lot more food...like a ton more food.

We ordered a whole chicken with a side of mixed tostones and maduros, an order of mofongo with pork, and an order of paella.

This is the paella. Almost everyone in Malecon this night ordered the paella for two. We had ordered a ton of other food, so we ordered the small size. This was jam packed with seafood...so much seafood! There are huge prawns, squid rings, lobster, and mussels galore. Personally, I'm a little less than enthusiastic about seafood, so this was a compromise on my part. My friends were happy with their choice, so they definitely had my share. I did wish it had a little more flavor - maybe some salt and acid. Everyone around us was really enjoying it, so maybe it's just a matter of my personal taste. I just enjoy all my food to be packed with tons of flavor, especially when I'm eating out.

This was definitely enough for 2 to share and be full.

We also ordered the mofongo with pork. The mofongo is jam packed with pork and the pork is very tender.

This isn't my favorite mofongo spot in the neighborhood, but it's pretty good nonetheless and fulfills the mofongo craving when it hits. There are 15 mofongo options, so you should probably ask your server for recommendation if you are having difficulties deciding between the options.

I really like their chicken and I can't make a whole rotisserie chicken at home since I haven't upgraded my air fryer yet 😋

So, every time I go, I just pick one up. We got plantains as the side, but requested that half the side is the fried green plantains and half is the fried sweet yellow plantains, so we got the best of both worlds.

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