[NYC - Washington Heights] Malecon Restaurant - Rotisserie Chicken

Malecon Restaurant is still open for delivery and takeout see takeout menu. It's located in Washington Heights and specializes in rotisserie chicken.

This is a common place that graduate students at Columbia University visit because of the large portions and the low price. It's a great value and graduate students know value.

You'll notice the rotisserie chicken in the windows as you walk to the restaurant.

The restaurant is huge and during main eating times it can get quite full and there's often a wait during the weekend, just as an FYI for when restaurants open again for dine-in.

I usually get the whole chicken with a side, which costs $20. This time I went with the tostones and rice.

These are the tostones. They are fried green plantains. I often get the maduros, which are fried sweet yellow plantains as the side because it's a nice dessert option.

I usually get an additional side because it'll stretch the chicken into extra meals. So, I usually also get a side of rice with grandules.

The chicken is so tender and juicy. It's a pretty substantial bird, too. They season the chicken before cooking it on the rotisserie. It's served with a side of green sauce, which adds a nice slight spice to the chicken.

If you eat in, you get a basket of buttery garlic bread. I'm not sure if comes with your to-go or delivery order. But, if I could only eat buttery garlic bread for the rest of my life I'd be a happy camper. As an aside, one of the most difficult food life things about living in Korea was trying to find garlic bread that didn't have sugar on it! Every time I go back, I always forget and I always get tricked and disgusted by my first bite (that and Korean Cheetos - they taste like sugary crushed Flintstones vitamins).

Anyway, Malecon is a great place where two can eat for under $30. The while chicken with side is $20 and you can add a large side for $6 or a small side for $4.

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