[NYC] Hunan Slurp - Michelin Star Hunan-style Chinese Rice Noodle

Hunan Slurp is currently open for take out and delivery. More info at: https://www.hunanslurp.com/

Obviously, I dined in prior to the pandemic. We were lucky because somehow we managed to get a table without a reservation (they said we had to eat quickly, but could squeeze us in). Definitely, make a reservation, though. Don't be like me. I honestly don't know how we were so lucky...there were four of us...it wasn't like there were only 2 of us.

Hunan Slurp has been on my list for a while, but I just never had a chance to visit. It's is a Michelin Guide recommended restaurant.

These are the sweet and sour spare ribs. They are listed on the "small plate" menu, but the portion is pretty generous. The ribs were pretty flavorful and the meat was tender. The sweet and sour spare ribs got thumbs up from everyone.

This is the Hometown Lu Fen. It features sliced beef, char su (Berkshire pork), peanut, cucumber, tofu. All of those featured toppings sit upon a bowl of fresh mifen (pounded rice noodles). The noodles here are not a soup noodle, but don't worry. It's not a dry noodle either. The flavor-packed sauce is located at the bottom of the bowl. I don't know if you're "supposed to" do this, but I, personally, would mix up the noodles a bit so that some flavor from every component of the bowl hits my taste buds with each bite. The ingredients used are quite high quality, as one would expect.

It is flavorful, but not killer spicy. The spice is on the subtle b=side, which lets the other flavors shine together in harmony.

As you know, I'm not a huge pork eater. I went with the Mala Beef Rice Noodles. I just loved how many vegetables and fresh toppings were on my bowl. Although beef was the main feature of the name of the dish, it was a harmonious component of the overall bowl. Shining, but without being the only thing I ate. This was slightly spicier than the Hometown Lu Fen bowl. It's not a kick-you-in-your-face sort of spice, but it was more of a pleasant spice that builds with each bite. If you're worried about the spice, there were plenty of components in the bowl that would help ease any burn you felt.

The dining room is pretty large for Manhattan standards, but it does not seem overwhelming or too crowded. It's got a very nice, modern decor and clean lines. It's not too loud, so it would be a nice place to meet with friends and catch up without feeling like the diners at the table next to you are in your lap, listening to every word you say.

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