[Minnesota] Ebert and Gerbert's - Limited Time Only Asian-Inspired Sandwiches

Roasted Red Pepper Banh Mi.  If you love red peppers, you will love this sandwich. They give the meal its strongest flavor, though the cucumbers do add a touch of crispy freshness. It has plenty of citrus barbecue sauce, so eat quickly before it soaks fully into the bread. I would have liked more of the chipotle mayo, but there was already plenty of fresh flavor on the sandwich, so I was happy with the sandwich as it came to me. Oh, and remember to dunk the guts in any of the sauce that drips onto the wrapping paper. 

BBQ Brisket Asian Fusion. The sandwich was a nice surprise from the usual Erbert and Gerbert's sandwich menu. Plenty of tangy, tender brisket filled the sandwich but what makes this choice special are the crunchy ingredients. Plenty of cucumbers, jalapeno peppers and tomatoes filled french bread. The sauce was a mixture of mayo, cilantro and mint...a great taste but a little messy. Bring lots of napkins.

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