[St. Cloud, MN] Searles on Fifth Ave - New restaurant, testing takeout options

Searles on Fifth Ave has been somewhat unlucky with recent events. It opened right around the time that the Press Bar arson occurred, which meant that Fifth Avenue was closed for quite a while. Then, COVID-19 pandemic hit, right after the street opened, which meant that restaurants and bars had to shift to takeout and delivery only in Minnesota.

So, since we decided that we are going to be eating local and supporting small businesses, we decided to give Searles on Fifth Ave a try. It's available to be ordered (takeout or delivery) on Uber Eats if you would prefer for it to be delivered.

This is the French Dip sandwich with garlic parmesan fries.

The French Dip sandwich from the new Searles on Fifth Avenue restaurant in St. Cloud traveled to my hope very nicely. I expected the au jus the be very flavorful and retain enough warmth in transport to help warm up my bites of the sandwich. It did both and made me glad I had ordered this sandwich.

The beef was tender and tasty and the bun fresh and fluffy. The battered french fries were also warm, crunchy too, not cooling too much or getting soggy in the trip from restaurant to home.

Portion size was ample, more than I could eat, so I shared. I like less salt on my fries, in general, so would have appreciated a shake or two less on these, but they went nicely with the cold beer from the refrigerator.


This is the Classic Reuben with regular fries. I was a little worried about ordering a Reuben to go because sometimes a juicy sandwich is a mess by the time you get it home. No problem here though. The corned beef was tender and tasty, shaved thin and piled high. The Swiss cheese melted into the sauerkraut for a great taste. I ordered it with the lightly salted fries.

This is the Cowboy Burger with truffle seasoned fries (see top picture for more). This was a huge burger. I could only eat about half of it for dinner and ate the rest as leftovers. It is topped with a beer battered onion ring, thick bacon slices, and melty American cheese. The homemade bbq sauce was delicious and had a slightly smoky, sweet, and maybe bourbon flavor to it.

It is served on a pretzel bun, which was delicious and very fresh.

The truffle seasoned fries were good. I would recommend getting all the different flavors of fries and kind of mixing them together.

We might try it again soon since they have a pretty interesting menu.

Menu info here: Searles on Fifth Ave Menu.

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