[NYC - East Village] Mighty Quinn's BBQ

Mighty Quinn's is available for delivery, takeout, or on Goldbelly (shipping to USA). During this time, they are also offering free sandwiches to healthcare workers.

Mighty Quinn's is a pretty good option for bbq in New York City, especially if you're in the East Village area. Mighty Quinn's offers both Texas- and Carolina-style smoked meats, sides, and seasonal desserts in an a la carte style.

This is the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Spicy BBQ. The sandwich was very filling and the chicken was fried to order. The crispy chicken sits atop a nice crunchy, fresh cole slaw. It was a pretty solid sandwich and we'd definitely order it again.

This is a single serving of the burnt ends (sorry for the weird angle). This came with cole slaw on the side and we also added the buttermilk broccoli salad with bacon. There were also some pickled peppers on the side.

The broccoli salad was super yummy and this was a pretty unique side to us. We probably could have eaten a whole meal of the broccoli salad.

These are the burnt ends - brisket simmered for a long time in house made barbecue sauce. Since it was simmered so long, it was a perfect balance of savory flavors, with a hint of sweet and slight spice.

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