[NYC - Chinatown] Bake Culture - Taiwanese Bakery

Bake Culture is located at 48 Bowery in Manhattan Chinatown. It is currently open for takeout. Bake Culture is a Tawiwanese bakery chain that specializes in fusion European and Asian baked goods.

The bread is all baked in New York City and when it is sold out, it's gone for the day. I just took some pictures of the wide variety of breads available for purchase for you.

 The prices are slightly higher than many of the other bakeries in Chinatown, but I feel like for the food I bought, the price was fair. I liked them more than the bread I've bought at Paris Baguette in New York City and the prices are about comparable. I know I've never written about Tous Les Jours in Korea or New York, even though I've eaten it many times, but I would probably put Bake Culture on par with Tous Les Jours in terms of my satisfaction, cleanliness, and stress level.

Personally, I do not hot dog bread (a common Asian bakery staple), but these were just so adorable.

These Scallion Pork Floss Rolls were super delicious.

This Scallion Bread is so soft and creamy and full of flavor.

Decided to enlarge the Hot Dog Bunny for you just so you can see a little more detail.

These pictures of some of the food I bought are terrible and I apologize, but the lighting wasn't good. The breads are pretty big and I feel like the quality of the ingredients used is pretty high.

48 Bowery, New York, NY (646) 858-2898
160-06 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY (646) 844-2957

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