[Minnesota - MSP] Shake Shack - In Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Even though you should not be traveling now except for essential travel, I thought I would let you know that there is a Shake Shack in the Minneapolis- St.Paul airport, Terminal 1.

These menu items are available at all of the locations, so it's not a MSP-only menu item. The other Minnesota locations are in the malls, which are currently closed for obvious reasons.

Obviously, this post was from Christmastime, hence the plaid soda cups. The reason why I am posting is that there are two menu items on our tray this time that haven't been featured in a post on my blog until now.

We got the cheese fries (obvs), regular fries, ShackBurger (mine obviously), SmokeStack (bacon cheeseburger), and the Hot Dog (it's super duper unphotogenic, but it's available).

The bacon was plentiful. The hot dog had a nice snap and would be a good choice for some.

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