[St. Cloud, MN] Granite City Food and Brewery - Takeout Meal Deal and Growler

We are big fans of Granite City Brewery and have been since the original opened in St. Cloud, MN, in the 1990s.

Granite City is open for takeout at the moment and you can also pick up their brunch boxes (and mimosas to go).

For our first time ordering take-out, we decided to eat family style and share favorite dishes and a try something new. They had a deal for 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and a growler of beer for $40. We also added on a salad so we could have leftovers later. The online order form is a little confusing, but we ended up getting it all ordered correctly.

Two new things were the boneless chicken wings and a growler of beer. When we dine in at Granite City, we don't usually have appetizers and the beer comes in a tall cold glass, but we wanted a treat and those two additions to our meal was that treat.

I love trying tacos whenever and wherever I can so I chose the Crispy Asian Shrimp Tacos as my main course contribution to the family meal. My tastebuds wanted me not to share these they were that good.

For the tacos, the flavors combined to make one mouthful of flavor with no one ingredient standing out. Even the taco shell blended nicely with the sweet and spicy glazed shrimp and Granite City's Santa Fe sauce.

Mike wanted the Cajun Pasta for his main course contribution to the family meal. It's a favorite when he dines out at Granite City, so he can describe it for you.

Mike and I (Marian) are both BIG fans of Granite City's Salmon Citrus Salad. The combination of flavors is rich and no one flavor dominates, so every bite, whether it has salmon, cucumber, blue cheese or even a little too much citrus vinaigrette (which comes on the side) tastes fresh and distinctive. Salads also travel very well and this one was as yummy as one that only traveled from the kitchen to out table.

The growler of The Duke (Pale Ale, ABV 5.4%, IBU 61) traveled as well as any beer, but since I like my beer ice cold, I'd rather drink it from a glass at my table, but in strange times, well, you're glad to get a favorite in any way you can.

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