[Seoul - Yeoksam] Hongik Goong Joong Jeon Tong Yukgaejang 홍익궁중전통육개장

Today, I wanted to tell you about Hongik Goog Joong Jeon Tong Yukgaejang (홍익궁중전통육개장)!

Thought I'd just share a pretty cheap food option for you in Yeoksam since I know that lunches can easily be more than 10,000 KRW in the area. It's located right by Yeoksam exit 5, so it's perfect for finding Korean food lunch in Gangnam.

It's not much below 10,000KRW because it does cost 9,000 KRW, but the quality at this store is better than places where you can get yukgaejang for 6,000KRW or something like that.

There's only a couple of options on the menu. I went for the original because when I go to a place that basically sells one item in multiple variations, I always go for the "original" variation first just to see if it would be worth it to visit for another flavor or maybe a more "deluxe" flavor.

So, the yukgaejang here is not that oily like you sometimes see at other places. So, sometimes there's a huge layer of oil on the top of the soup. The noodles were also pretty good, not of the instant variety, which was a nice surprise to me. I think they may have been egg noodles, but don't quote me on that.

Although the portion of meat given to you in the soup isn't huge, it is satisfying and of good quality. I also really liked that the restaurant was pretty generous with the amount of fresh mushrooms added to the soup. I LOVED that they didn't try to increase the bulk by just throwing in a ton of bean sprouts. I always hate that, so when I didn't see a mountain of them in there I was so, so happy.

The broth/soup was pretty good, too. It was flavorful and not too spicy or too sour. It also wasn't super duper salty. It was just the right level of all flavors.

Even though it was red, it wasn't so red and like crazy fake red (you know...like when it's so vibrantly red but it's not spicy and the red just comes from who knows where). So, I could easily leave without everyone and their mother knowing what I ate for lunch.

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