[Seoul - Sadang] BHC - Revisit my favorites! Sprinkle Chicken and Original Crispy

Since I love BHC Chicken's Sprinkle Chicken so much and I know you do, too, I am devoting the next two posts to it!

My friends and I ordered the Sprinkle Chicken each time, but the second chicken we ordered was slightly different each time.

Since, the change was the second chicken, I decided to focus the photo on that new chicken for the blog.

This blog post's second chicken isn't that unique or special, but I have never shown you what BHC's original crispy chicken looks like before, so here it is!

We also got the bone-in chicken this time. I know that fried chicken enthusiasts always frown upon my choice to go for boneless chicken, but I don't like being bothered getting all the meat off the bone. Yes, I know that the chicken I get is probably not as healthy when I order the boneless variety (it's usually the thighs), but if I'm eating fried chicken, I don't really care about my health, do I?

Anyway, I really love BHC's chicken. I know some friends swear by Kyochon, but I just haven't really had as great of a crunch or experience at Kyochon. Each Kyochon I've been to has been somewhat inconsistent with the flavor and crunch level, but almost every BHC I have been to has been very consistent in terms of flavor and crunch level.

Oh yeah, we also got 2000cc of beer. And! This particular BHC location served Cloud beer! This is the only typical draft beer I consider to taste much of anything in Korea (I used to also like Max, but that's ever rarer to find than Cloud).

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