[Seoul - Noksapyeong] Trevia Revisit - Italian Food - Pizza and Lasagna

I revisited Trevia on my last trip and I was so happy to see that the menu and everything had stayed pretty consistent over the years.

I actually really like the food here. I've found that a lot of the Italian (or, I guess Italian Korean fusion) restaurants in Korea really like to have tons of watery sauce to the point that it kind of looks like soup. I mean, I, personally, love sauce more than the next guy, but there's a level of sauce that is just not that appetizing to me and it often happens in Korea when rose sauce is involved.

Anyway, rant over. The point of my rant was that the sauce level at Trevia is a nice level for me.

I really like the lasagna here. I don't know about how lasagna is supposed to be, but this is really nice. It's not quite as heavy as I've had in America, which I appreciate because I am not super great friends with soft cheeses.

The pasta is quite fresh and has a nice texture. The sheets of pasta are cooked perfectly and are medium thickness and the sauce is flavorful and neither too salty nor too sweet.

We also got a pizza because that was a craving that I wanted to fulfill. What I like about the pizza here is that they use fresh ingredients and none of that shredded "pizza cheese" that most other pizza restaurants use in Korea. I really appreciated the fresh basil. The crust is a little dryish, but I'm obviously not a pizza expert if you've been around this blog for a while.

I really have liked everything I've tried at Trevia and I would recommend checking it out and maybe going for some of the more specialty pizzas. The Margherita pizza was just okay in my opinion.

I've had a salad at Trevia before, the Caprese to be exact. It was so fresh and yummy and I would totally order it again if I were in the mood for a salad.

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