[Seoul - Hongdae] Uncles - We ordered something different!

This time we decided to visit Uncles in Hongdae rather than our usual location in Jamshil, near Lotte World.

 Not only did we go to a different location, we also changed up our order. Does anyone else do this? You go to a restaurant forever and you have a go-to order, but then you wonder if you're missing out on some other gems on the menu, so you make the decision one day to try to change up your order...

Well, we did that this visit. You can see my go-to order in some of my other Uncles posts (click here).

As you can see, we went with the "dry" (건식) version of the ddukbokki. This was so different for us. We definitely had to go with our blooming squid, so you'll see that there. With the dry version, however, the blooming squid is just served on the side instead of on top of the ddukbokki.

So, they serve it in the black pan, but unlike our go-to order, it wasn't bubbling/boilingly hot.

However, in the other definition of hot, it was SUPER beyond spicy. We were definitely sweating. Our noses definitely needed tissues.

We even just got our regular spice level. By that I mean, we went for 2단계 (2nd level spicy, which is 4x the spice level of Shin Ramyun).

Typically, for the original order, it is spicy, but that means that you can taste that there's spicy paste in it, but you're not like sweating or your mouth isn't on fire.

We ended up having to order some 쿨피스 (not pictured) in order to try to extinguish the fire in our mouths. I, personally, feel like there were far more eggs in the dry variety than in the original variety. That may be my own perception because I don't like eggs, so I was like OMG SO MANY EGGS right when the food arrived. Again, since I'm not a fan, I'm kind of overly sensitive to them and maybe I just kept them hidden with the ddukbokki sauce when I got the original version.

I would say, that this was quite the experience. We still talk about this decision to this day. It was worth it, but I probably wouldn't order it again at the 2nd spice level unless we had plenty of other food to cut the spice.

^I just wanted to show you the strange interior decor choice that was made. It probably means something, but I'm not smart enough to know what it means.

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