[Seoul - Hongdae] Mekong Thai

Mekong Thai is a chain of Thai/Southeast Asian food restaurants in Korea.

Personally, I have other Thai restaurants I prefer, but Mekong will do in a pinch. It's not solely Thai food, too, it's more generally Southeast Asian food. For example, there is Nasi Goreng, bun cha, and pho on the menu.

The menu has a variety of food options, including some fusion food. I've been a couple of times with coworkers (Seocho Gucheong location) and with friends (Hongdae location).

The food is pretty consistent, but I think it may have a slight Korean "twist" on the food to fit the Korean taste palate.

This time, my friend and I shared. We got the mee goreng (11,800KRW) and the Thai Red Curry (12,800KRW).

The food was fine, but it wasn't especially flavorful. We both preferred the curry over the mee goreng.

I don't know very much about Thai food, but I think, in the United States, I am usually served jasmine rice with Thai food. This restaurant, however, served Korean rice with our food with toasted sesame seeds on top. I don't know if this is what is typically served with the curry because this was the first time I ordered it at Mekong Thai (I usually get tom yum kkung).

I would recommend the tom yum and a lot of the appetizers seem intriguing, but I haven't tried them before.

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