[Seoul - Hongdae] BHC Revisit - Old Favorites + New Ones: Sprinkle Chicken and Macho King

As promised, here is the second day of BHC posts! This time, we got one of the newer flavors - Macho King.

Like yesterday's post, we ordered the bone-in chicken. I was eating with the same group of friends, hence that choice.

These two flavors of chicken are probably my favorite at BHC for different reasons. Sprinkle Chicken will always have my heart, but Macho King will always be right behind in case Sprinkle Chicken falters.

The Macho King is described on the menu as "Crispy Oriental Sauce Chicken." Basically, I would describe it as a less sugary version of kung pao chicken. It's still sweet, just not as sticky. You can also make it spicier to fit your liking by eating the fresh peppers that top the chicken.

I guess that's what I like so much about BHC...they use fresher ingredients. The fresh ingredients, Sprinkle Chicken, and the consistency from location to location.

Each of the specialty varieties costs about 19,000-20,000KRW for a whole chicken and boneless usually costs about 1,000KRW more. You can get the plain fried chicken for about 17,000KRW.

What flavor of chicken do you most want to try?

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