[Seoul - Gangnam] Haru Haru Shabu Shabu Buffet (Previously Let Us Shabu Shabu) - Favorite Shabu Shabu in Seoul

I want to introduce you to my favorite shabu shabu buffet in Gangnam.

In researching for the post, I found out that it has recently been renamed "Haru Haru."

The pictures I have are from when it was called "Let Us."

The prices have increased slightly, but everything else is about the same.

The best thing about this shabu shabu buffet is that each person has his or her own pot and you can choose between the five different flavors of broth.

1. Choose your broth.
From left to right: konbu broth, sukiyaki broth, soy miso broth, chili tomato broth, and spicy miso broth.
2. You can also control the heat level. At first, make the heat 700 and then, when it starts boiling, turn it down to 500. However, if you ordered the soy miso broth, make sure you keep it at 500 the whole time. They also recommend to NOT use the warm button.
3. Get the vegetables, etc. from the salad bar (included in the price).
4. You can make your own sauces at the sauce bar (see below for a picture). You can also ask to add an egg for 1,000KRW.
5. After you finish eating the meat and veggies, you can add noodles you get from the salad bar. There are a variety of noodles available. You can also make some rice porridge.

In the bottom right, it gives some "tips" about what to pair with which broth. With konbu broth, you should eat kalguksu and porridge. With sukiyaki, you should eat udon noodles. With soy miso broth, porridge (and add an egg for 1,000KRW), With chili tomato broth, you should eat porridge (add cheese topping for 2,000KRW). With spicy miso broth, you should pair the kalguksu.

As with almost all, if not all, buffet restaurants in Korea, there's a fee charged for not finishing your food. Here, it's 5,000KRW.

The prices have changed, but I just wanted to show you this anyway because the options have remained the same.

The left side (light green) is you get 3 types of meat, but this does not include refills of the meat. You do, however, get unlimited visits to the salad bar for 100 minutes. The middle is wagyu meat and it comes with unlimited refills of the meat and unlimited trips to the salad bar for 100 minutes. The right side is premium wagyu meat with unlimited refills and unlimited salad bar for 100 minutes.

This visit, my friend and I went for the middle option. It was only 3,000KRW more than the regular and we got one refill of the meat, so it ended up being worth it.

My favorite thing about this particular buffet is the salad bar. Everything is so fresh and presented so cleanly. There's also food bar items, like pasta, ddukbokki, sushi, fried chicken, french fries, etc.

When eating out in Korea, it's kind of difficult to find a ton of vegetables, so I always took advantage of the fully stocked salad bar full of vegetables when I went here. Cooking vegetables at home is fine, but as a single person, it's hard for me to get a variety of vegetables for a decent price that you can eat before it goes bad, especially when I didn't know when I'd have to stay the night/weekend at the office finishing projects.

I love a good sauce bar! Everything is labeled in Korean and English throughout the restaurant (minus the menu, I just realized).

If you're an ice cream lover, there's also a soft serve machine with this great toppings bar.

If you're not an ice cream person, there are plenty of fruits, cakes, and cookies to choose from.

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