How I am Preparing for My Trip To Korea (Seoul/Busan/Gangneung/Yeosu/Jeju)


I am traveling to Korea soon, so I started researching some great travel deals for myself and thought I'd share great deals I found with you!

1. Unlimited SIM Card (5 to 60 days) + Prepaid TMoney Card
This SIM card is able to be picked up at the airport (Incheon or Gimpo or Busan Gimhae Airports), so you can have access right away when you arrive. It also comes with a prepaid T-Money card.
This is LG U+. From my probably outdated experience living in Korea, LG U+ works fine if you're in urban areas, but it is a little hit and miss in more rural areas.

2. Prepaid 4G/LTE Sim Card: Unlimited Data+Voice call+SMS (5/7/10/15/30 days)
This is available for pickup from Incheon Terminal 1 only. I will probably do this SIM card since I will be arriving at terminal 1 and I already have a TMoney card with money on it from my last trip. This comes with 100 minutes of voice calls and 100 text messages.

3. Korea Portable Wifi (T mifi) Rental (Pick up from Seoul & Busan)
I will probably recommend that my friend gets this portable WiFi egg. It is a good option if you are going to be traveling around and may have multiple devices.
Pickup available in Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport, Myeongdong, Gimhae Airport, Jeju Airport, and the Jeju ferry terminal.

4. Seoul Luggage Storage
We are planning on doing some traveling around the country, so we are in the market for some luggage storage. I was looking around and considering asking friends for a huge favor, but I was so happy to find this option.
Locations: Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport, Seoul Station, Hongdae Station, Sinchon Tourist Information Center, Gwanghwamun Tourist Information Center, Itaewon Tourist Information Center, and Dongdaemun Tourist Information Center.

5. Korail Pass (KR Pass): Train Travel Pass
I bought this last trip for a trip to Busan. It was a 2-day pass, but it was cheaper for me to buy this pass over buying two one-way passes. It allows you to do unlimited train trips within the purchased period.
You can reserve seats up to two times per day. After you use those two reserved seat trips in one day, you can still take more trips, but you have to be a "standing" seat - you can sit if there are seats available.

So far, these are the important things I have found! I'll create another post as I book attraction tickets. These are just the general "must haves" for our trip.

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