[Manitoba - Winnipeg] Melt Chocolate Co. - Holiday Chocolates Pre-Order

I was so excited when I found out that Melt Chocolate Co. was willing to accept an international pre-order for the holiday chocolates.

I made the pre-order over Instagram and we set up a time to meet up, etc. when I got to Winnipeg. She also sells her chocolates at various pop-ups around the city, from my understanding, so be on the lookout for her.

Everything is packaged really beautifully and these bonbons would make the perfect gift!

These specialty chocolates are as beautifully flavorful as they are gorgeous to look at. Enjoy the artistry on the outside and then take your time enjoying the artistry on the inside.

The mulled wine chocolate (lower right) was really good. Inside the truffle was a small bit of liquid and covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate which prevented it from being too rich.

The Bailey's 'n Espresso bonbon (upper right) had a thin dark chocolate outer layer which hid a very smooth interior. The interior was whipped chocolate with a hint of Bailey's Irish Cream. After four slowly melting bites, I was happy to have enjoyed the treat and feeling very well treated.

The spiced rum and egg nog bonbon (lower left) was so delicious. The chocolate was nice and smooth and it just melted in my mouth. The rum and eggnog cream in the center of the bonbon was super smooth and tasted exactly like I was drinking a glass of boozy eggnog. The flavors were all nice and balanced.

The Grand Marnier bonbon (upper right) was wonderful. Properly sweet with a thin coating of dark chocolate covered  a creamy soft interior.

We also were excited to learn that there were also bars. We got the Spiced Rum and Egg Nog in the bar form. We each had a quarter. It seemed to be the group's consensus that we preferred the smaller treats, but the flavor was as rich and satisfying as our individual truffles.

Our 4 truffles and the 1 bar came out to $18 CAD.

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