[Seoul - Jongro] Jeonjujip - Eat like a local in Jongro

Jeonjujip is one of the most popular restaurants near Jongak station for office workers in the area.

One of my friends has worked in the area for years and had never made it to Jeonjujip for a meal even though she heard the tales of the meals from all her coworkers and friends.

You first start off with a bunch of banchan. There is a rotation of options. This is what we had the day we went. You can always get refills if there's one you especially like. I love mushrooms, so I obviously asked for a refill of those.

The reason why it's so famous is because the cost is so reasonable, cheap even, considering its location and the quantity/quality of food you receive.

The restaurant's claim to fame is the grilled fish - either the godeungeo (mackerel) or the samchi (Spanish mackerel).

We went with the 삼치구이백반 (samchigui baekban - Spanish Mackerel set menu). It is 7,000 KRW per person.  There's also the 고등어구이백반 (godeungdo-gui baekban, mackerel set menu) and a 조개구이백반 (jogae-gui baekban, clam set menu)

For the 3 of us, we ordered 2 servings. So, that made this meal extremely affordable and enough for us to be full because as you see above, it also comes with servings of bulgogi.

Here's the whole spread. We got 2 orders for 3 people. One order had 1 fish, 1 bowl of rice, 1 jjigae, 1 serving of bulgogi casserole, and then the typical banchan.

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