[Seoul - Isu] Got Churros - 2 Separate Visits, 1 post

Got Churros?! I did.

Ahhh Korean churros. After writing my post about how difficult it was to find churros in Seoul, there was a HUGE churros trend for a while, and then now it's not in fashion anymore, so it is back to being difficult to find again.

One surviving cafe of the churros trend is Got Churros? in Isu (near Sadang).

I went a couple of times, but decided to just put the visits together this time.

The top picture was when my friend and I met up one day to catch up. She went with the misugaru churros and I got the soft serve and strawberry churros. This presentation style is SO CUTE! Honestly, my friend made the better choice that day. Maybe it was just my mood that day, but I really enjoyed the more savory and subtly sweet flavor of the misugaru churros more than my ice cream one. Mine was much more beautiful, but the flavor was just not exactly what I was looking for that day. It was also very messy to eat. I still don't know exactly how I managed to eat it so cleanly, but I succeeded!

One other day, my friend and I had some time to kill while we were waiting for our third friend. We decided to split a set menu item - 1 Churros and 1 Americano. The Americano at Got Churros was pretty okay. It didn't taste just like super hot slightly dirty water like some other inexpensive chain restaurants' Americanos taste. The plain churro was pretty good.

I like that they aren't too sweet here (even with the powdered sugar). I had a craving for powdered sugar that day, so I couldn't resist.

What's your favorite churros flavor?

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