[Seoul - Hongdae] Daily Round Burger Diner - Hongdae Brunch with Burgers and Ricotta Cheese Salad

Daily Round Burger Diner is in the busiest part of Hongdae, but is slightly separated, so it is a little quieter.

Since it was a little quieter, it was perfect for a great, quiet brunch and catch-up session with my wonderful friend.

We started with a Blue Ade, which was fun. I was actually pleasantly surprised because the lemonade was actually made from real lemon! I am so used to cafes and restaurants just making it with Sunkist lemonade.

The blue is obviously not from real fruit, but the lemon was a great surprise!

We decided to be "healthy" and got a Ricotta Cheese Salad. I don't really understand the Ricotta Cheese Salad trend in Korea, but I am still 100% here for it. I even sometimes make it myself at home because it's such a great treat. The greens here were so fresh and I was surprised by how many greens we actually got on our plate. We also got a HUGE amount of bread...like basically a whole loaf of bread. The bread was so fresh and fluffy and was actually the perfect amount for how much ricotta cheese we got 🤣🤣

We also got the Chicken Burger (basically a chicken breast sandwich), which is pretty unique for Korea. Daily Round also has a vegetarian burger on offer, so that's also exciting for Korea! I was so impressed by everything at Daily Round. Everything is made from fresh ingredients. I loved that it also came with a ton of greens. The Korean pickles were also a funny touch. I guess I'd rather have Korean pickles than sweet pickles that usually come with burgers.

The bread is so fresh and everything is made to order. It's kind of a slower chill atmosphere at Daily Round, so I totally loved it. I hope it stays in business for a long time because it's nice to have this atmosphere in the hectic Hongdae (or Seoul in general) atmosphere.

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