[Seoul - Hoegi] Moos Kitchen - Cute Homestyle Lunch Sets

This is a reminiscence post. I have no idea if Moos Kitchen is still around, but if it is, check out today's Instagram for the location tag!

My friend introduced me to her favorite hole-in-the-wall homestyle kitchen restaurant. This is a very cute cafe and has seats for about 10 people.

The meal sets are all very reasonably priced and everything is made from relatively organic ingredients in small batches. It's quite healthy, too, so that's a bonus.

The interior and style of the cafe kind of reminded me of Japan because it has that homestyle, kitschy modern, clean and natural vibe. I am not really sure how to totally encapsulate the feeling, but if you've been to Japan you know what style and feeling I'm trying to describe.

If it's still around, definitely check it out. There are a rotation of menu items, banchan, and mains depending on the time of day and the season.

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