[NYC - Harlem] Bierstrasse NYC - Harlem Beer Garden

Bierstrasse NYC is a beer garden in Harlem, right by the river.

It gets quite busy and loud in the summer because of its location right off the river and the fact that it's a beer garden, which is everything for summer, so I apologize that I'm writing this in winter. But, there is also plenty of indoor seating available.

I don't have much content for today's post, but I just wanted to let you know about the existence of Bierstrasse NYC.

They have a pretty wide variety of beers available in a multitude of sizes. If you want to get crazy, you can even get the boot (2 litres).

If beer isn't your thing, there are also some cocktail options and wines, too. If draft beer isn't your thing, they got you, too. There are plenty of bottle and can options. If you're the designated driver, you have a variety of sodas available, too.

The prices are pretty good considering it's in Manhattan.

There are also food options available. I don't have photos available, but I can tell you that the pretzel is delicious and totally worth it. I have also eyed the Lamb Burger and the Fish and Chips when I saw people at other tables enjoying theirs.

Have you been to Bierstrasse? What do you recommend?

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