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[NYC - Harlem] Amy Ruth's

Amy Ruth's is a Harlem institution for soul food, including fried chicken.

We went on a Sunday for a semi-late brunch. I was worried we would have to wait a long time, but we lucked out because it was really rainy and because we arrived after the after church crowd had already cleared out.

You start out your meal with cornbread. The cornbread was pretty good. It was somewhat dense, but not too dense. The flavor was good and you could really taste the corn. It wasn't too sweet, which I really appreciated.

What I really love about Amy Ruth's are the creative names for all of the dishes. The menu items are all named after influential Black Americans.

I am kicking myself for not ordering a waffle, so I will definitely do that next time. I had just wanted to try the sides.

Each of the entrees come with your choice of two sides.

This is The Reggie Harris, which is honey-dipped fried chicken with a side of beans and rice and a side of collard greens.

The collard greens - definitely recommend!

The chicken was pretty good. I kind of still wish I would have gotten it on waffles, maybe The Rev Al Sharpton, but this was the choice I made that day.

The honey was a nice touch on top of the fried battered chicken, but it was a little too sweet for my tastes. I guess I should have known it was going to be pretty sweet because of, you know, honey. I didn't expect there to be that much extra honey on the plate.

This is The President Barack Obama - fried, with a side of the baked macaroni and cheese and a side of candied yams.

This isn't my particular style of fried chicken - I prefer more of a golden, flaky fried chicken, but I know plenty of other people who love this style of fried chicken (it's kind of more like a church dinner fried chicken).

The macaroni and cheese was pretty good. It was pretty creamy from the small bite I had (I'm lactose intolerant and didn't really want to risk it). The candied yams were very candied! The yams were so sticky and sweet. I couldn't really handle it. So, if you love sweet food, definitely go for the candied yams as your side.

Next time, I think I will probably go for waffles of some sort and maybe a fish option.

In terms of pricing, it was kind of expensive now that I think of it. Sure, you get 2 choices of sides, but the sides are smaller than if you order the sides separately.

However, I think I may try some of the other soul food restaurants in Harlem before revisiting. Leave a comment here if you have recommendations about where I should visit next and what I should order.

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