[NYC - FiDi] Fraunces Tavern - Oldest Bar-Restaurant in NYC

Fraunces Tavern is a restaurant, bar, and museum right in the Financial District of New York City.

Fraunces Tavern is the oldest bar and restaurant in New York City, so I had to visit at least once.

Due to the historical significance of the location, I knew I had to visit with Marissa. It has been open since 1762.

Fraunces Tavern was first opened in 1762 as the Queen's Head Tavern but just over twenty years later would house the Departments of Foreign Affairs, War and Treasury from 1785-1788. After 1788, the building housed a variety of businesses, including a tavern, bake-house, boarding house, dry-good store, and a grocery store. Through the 1800s, the building was a tavern and in 1907 the building had been restored and officially became Fraunces Tavern Museum & Tavern. By 2015, the tavern & museum had expanded to 5 buildings with 8 dining areas and 9 museum spaces. (Source: https://frauncestavern.com/#our-story)

Although there are separate museum exhibits, just eating and drinking in the tavern brings the history of the building to life. Wooden beams decorate the ceilings and the walls and doorways lack the precise lines of new buildings. Fraunces Tavern is a must-go for history lovers.

We already had dinner plans at a full dinner sort of place, so we were only meeting for a quick drink and maybe a small snack in a historical atmosphere.

We went with the Sweet Potato Fries, which is served with Bang Bang Aioli. OMG these sweet potato fries are probably the best sweet potato fries I have ever had in my life. I don't know how they did it, but the sweet potato fries were fluffy on the inside so that they were kind of puffy and soft, but the outside is so crispy!

Maybe I'll go back and do a sample of every single flavor fry because if they somehow made the other wedge-style fries fluffy and crunchy at the same time, I would be a convert and now enjoy wedges.

The bang bang aioli was a hit with Marissa's friend, but Marissa and I aren't huge fans of white sauces, so I kind of passed on it, especially since the sweet potato fries themselves were so delicious and simply flavorful already.

Sorry I don't remember which cider Marissa got. They were out of the rose cider that were on the extensive menu (below), but they did have a second one in rotation.

She really enjoyed it because it was pretty dry, which is what she enjoys.

If she remembers what she got, I'll ask her to update the description here.
I got the Evil Twin Make It Weisse. This is a pretty good sour beer. It's not super sour, so it may be a good starting sour beer for someone who wants to try it first. It has a crisp and refreshing flavor, so it would be good to pair with something salty and savory like a burger. I really loved the passionfruit flavor and I was super happy that the vanilla flavor was pretty subtle. Also, just note that the color is a little off due to the lighting in the restaurant, it's not quite that orange...it's more of an amber golden color.

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