[NYC - Dumbo] Grimaldi's Pizzeria - Iconic coal brick oven pizzeria

Grimaldi's Pizzeria is one of the most iconic pizzerias in New York City.

It is located right by Brooklyn Bridge Park, making it a great location if you're either starting or finishing your walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (I definitely recommend walking towards Manhattan on the bridge because you get a great view of Manhattan that way).

Honestly, the night I went, it was kind of a miserably cold, rainy night, so I didn't have to wait at all for a seat.

The pizza at Grimaldi's is baked in a coal brick oven, so you get a nice bubbly crust. I would say that you should totally go to the original location if you get the chance because stuff just tastes better at the original spot.

This particular night I was seated on the first floor, but the second floor has better ambiance and you can see them make the pizzas up there.

Since it's a coal brick oven pizza, you get a nice blacken char to the crust from time to time, which adds to the flavor and the experience (it's to be expected...it's not burnt).

The texture of the crust is more flexible (?) than other pizzas, if that makes sense. When you take a slice, it isn't stiff by any means, so it's definitely foldable. I kind of wish that the sauce was slightly more flavorful than it is. It's definitely a fresh tomato sauce, but I wish there was a bit of spice to it.

The most important thing to remember is that Grimaldi's is CASH ONLY!! So, make sure you keep track of what you're adding to your orders.

The base price is semi-expensive (in my opinion), but you can chalk it up to the "tourist fee," so keep that in mind as you add toppings because each topping isn't cheap either and costs the same regardless of if you're putting it on half the pizza, the whole pizza, the small pizza, or the large pizza.

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