[Minnesota - Saint Cloud] ViVi Bubble Tea

Saint Cloud has a ViVi bubble tea!

I know it has been around for a while, but I am just so happy that bubble tea has finally made its way to Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

I hope it stays in business for a while, but who knows. It has been around for about 2ish years at this point.

We decided to just try it out. The lychee slushee, the classic oolong milk tea, and the passion fruit slushee with jelly.

Maybe I'll go again and try out some of the more adventurous flavors that I've always been a little shy to try in NYC.

I mean, it's a chain bubble tea shop, but as you may recall from my other ViVi Bubble Tea posts, each franchisee has its own style.

Unlike the NYC locations, the St. Cloud location is more homey, which totally makes sense. There are a ton of tables and even some couches you can lounge on.

I wish ViVi was around when I was in high school because this would have been the best study spot. I bet a ton of high schoolers and maybe some SCSU students come here and study during the school year.

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