[Minnesota - Little Falls] AT the Black and White

AT the Black and White is a semi-historical restaurant in Little Falls, Minnesota.

From the website: "A.T. The Black & White was built in 1931 and called The Black and White Hamburger Shop as a diner in the style of White Castle."

Since 1931, there have been some changes to the menu and the style of the restaurant. In its current iteration, it's kind of an American family-style restaurant. 

AT the Black and White offers various beers on draft. I assume the drafts rotate (scroll down to see what was on draft when we visited). My mom went for the Namaste (Dogfish Head), which was a Belgian-style Witbier. This isn't a local beer, but many of the others are Minnesota microbrewery/craft beer offerings.
My mom decided to go with the Olive Burger because that is totally her style and it's a very unique burger offering. It's fresh hamburger served on a fresh pretzel bun. The hamburger is topped with cream cheese, green olives, and Boursin cheese. This was seriously a very, very unique burger. She'd definitely recommend it for you if you, too, love green olives.

I got the Shrimp Wrap. This is also a very unique wrap, too. So, I was happy to see it as an option on the menu. The flavor was great and everything seemed relatively fresh (minus the shrimp). The one thing I wasn't expecting was that everything was going to be sauteed. I kind of thought that it was just the shrimp that was sauteed. I would probably have preferred it that way because it was kind of oily. Flavorwise, though it was on point. If I were to order it again, I think I'd request that only the shrimp were sauteed. If that wasn't an option, I would try one of the other wraps on the menu (aka the turkey wild rice wrap).

My dad decided to go with his Classic Reuben. I kind of think he should write a series on here ranking his favorite reubens of all time, but maybe that's just me.

He had no complaints and was quite happy at the proportions of all the sandwich components. It was a good, classic sandwich.
Marissa went with a classic cheeseburger because she likes to use that as a gauge of a restaurant. She was pretty impressed with the fresh ground beef and the melty cheese. It's surprising how many restaurants with specialty burgers on their menus cannot make a classic cheeseburger, but AT the Black and White is not one of those places. Classic cheeseburger success story right here.

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