[K-beauty] Labiotte Wine Eyeshadow Palette (Sweet Wine)

The Labiotte Wine Eye Shadow Palettes are just my style in terms of color palette.

There are two different palettes available. I got the Sweet Wine Palette (buy here), but the Dry Wine Palette is also available (buy here) it was just sold out when I bought mine.

I really liked the layout of the palette. It has a good mix of matte shades and shimmers. I was looking for something subtle because I don't typically wear eye shadow, but I wanted something not too pricey and with a color range that was neutral and subtle in case I actually figured out how to do eye shadow.

The mirror is pretty big, which is pretty convenient if you wanted to use this as a travel palette. It comes with a dual-ended brush.

This eye shadow palette isn't super great in terms of color payout, however the colors are buildable to a point. I wasn't upset by that because I just wanted to use it as practice and also because I didn't really want to look like I was wearing a ton of eye makeup.

I think maybe this is a difference in makeup culture, too. Korean makeup style for everyday people is more subtle, but in America, more people wear bolder, more intense eye makeup.

I do like the Labiotte shimmer shades more than the Etude House and some of the other Korean brands I have tried in the past. The Korean ones tend to be more of a frosty shimmer (in my opinion), but these shimmer shades are slightly larger specks (?), if that makes sense.

My overall verdict: I think I will probably not be an eyeshadow wearer, but this palette is a good choice for people who are just starting out, want some subtle color, and maybe want a more natural makeup (in terms of fewer chemicals). I could also see this as a good palette for a teen who may be just starting to experiment with makeup.

Have you tried these palettes? What do you think?

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