[K-beauty] Bad Skin Brand - Pore Soak Eraser and Aqua Bomb Paint

I have had this post queued for a long time! It's time to finally post my opinions of these products. I had been waiting to publish because I needed to form my opinion of the Pore Ssok Eraser.

I'll start with a review of the shampoo and treatment samples. These were fine for traveling. It's not really enough product to test to really see if the "milk protein bomb" worked to help my hair. My hair did get clean and it wasn't weighed down, so I guess it was enjoyable in that sense.
I actually bought these products for the Pore Ssok Eraser. The Pore Ssok Eraser is made from natural clay and volcanic powder. It is toted as a pore tightening and deep cleaning mask pack.

As I have been getting older, the pores on my cheeks have been getting more noticeable, so I decided to give this a shot.

When I applied this mask, it did tighten up my skin as it dried. I will still let you know as I continue to try it out how it is.

I've been using it for a couple of weeks so far and so far, no breakouts! So, that's a major win.

The Aqua Bomb Paint is the first product I tried and used fully from the Bad Skin line. The packaging is super cute! The deep moist water mask itself is kind of light, almost translucent in appearance and it has a very, very mild scent.

I have combination skin and when I have dry patches, they're patches of SUPER dry skin. I haven't quite yet found a holy grail water cream yet. The Aqua Bomb Paint is not the holy grail product. I did notice some small change in the moisture level of my skin, but it wasn't enough to repurchase. Some of the change may have also been due to the change in humidity levels outside.

I don't have super sensitive skin, so I cannot comment from that perspective. I do know that some products do well with my skin, so I can attest to the fact that I did not break out and this product didn't make my skin itchy.

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