[Incheon - Songdo Central Park] Banes Taco

Banes Taco is a fast casual taco spot right in Songdo Central Park in Incheon.

My friend and I went out to Songdo to do some shopping and to kind of just get away from Seoul for a subway daytrip and we found Banes Taco.

The decor is kind of kitschy and minimal. I'd also like to point out that there are multiple flavors of Jarritos available. They're kind of pricey, but it's a relatively rare commodity in Korea.
We ended up getting Couple Set C, which came with a Chipotle Salad, a quesadilla, fries (we also got nacho chips as service), and a soda.

This is the Chipotle Salad. It has rice, lettuce, chicken, sour cream, and cheese. You can choose to upgrade to beef or shrimp for an additional fee.
This is the quesadilla. We went with chicken quesadilla. It was pretty good if you're a quesadilla fan. Since I'm sensitive to cheese and was quite far from home, I let my friend have the majority of the quesadilla and I enjoyed the fries and salad.
This was actually pretty good. I think they may have been trying to mimic Chipotle's salad or burrito bowls, but it wasn't quite an exact match because of the rice flavors. That being said, it was a decent alternative for Korea. It was a pretty generous serving and the flavors all complemented each other quite well. It wasn't too heavy, which was great for us.

The fries are good at Banes Taco. They're semi-seasoned and crispy on the outside, which is kind of my favorite type of medium-thick fries. It still is kind of a strange thing to me that all the Mexican restaurants in Korea serve fries. Is this a normal fusion/Korean thing?

My friend decided she didn't want the soda and wanted to day drink, so this is the Coronarita. My friend reported that the margarita was delicious and not too watery and not too strong.

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